Our History

Arumihu Shri Sooramahakaliamman - Avatar of Parvati

Akilanda Kodi Pramanda Nayaki Aathiyantha Matraval Arputha Akosari Akilaloka Saranyai Anatharatchaki Adiyavarkal Yeliyaval Arputha Makimaiyaal Amararkalukkuththailaivi Shri RajaRaja Parameshwariyahiya Shri Soora Maha Kaliamman Potri Potri ! Un Thiruppaatham paninthen amma !

Arulmihu SooraMahakaliamman Temple from Soorappallam village at Thanjavur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is about 900 year old temple which is situated northerly in front of “The Ganges River". This is the only temple in Tamil Nadu where it was built before 900 years ago northerly in front of “The Ganges River" towards the direction of north. Nine hundred years ago, the demons under the leadership of Sooran, started harassing the human beings and there was Adharma all around. The village people prayed to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to kill them.

The most beautiful goddess Shri SooraMahakaliamman, Avatara of Parvathi appeared to fight the demons and killed all the attendants and friends of demon Sooran. From that day onwards, people worshiped Goddess. The village was called as Asoorappallam. Then the village was named as Soorappallam from the name of Goddess SooraMahaKaliamman gradually.
The Goddess was prayed by "Mukkoozhiyarkal" at first. Five hundred years ago, the king Saluva Nayakka ruled those areas and was one of the devotees of Soorakaliamman. The king was so sad because he had no child. He used to pray Goddess and was blessed with a male baby. The king was too happy. Day by day his son grew up with the blessing of Goddess SooraMahakaliamman. Festival came. The people were filled with happiness to celebrate the festival. On the day of Car Lifting festival, suddenly the king's son died due to illness. The King was angry with the Goddess and cursed with bad words. At that second, the earth opened its mouth and car (Ther) got down into the earth. Latterly, the people started to lift the car (Thookku Ther) on their shoulders instead of dragging it. During the festival time, if we place our ear on the earth where the car got down into the earth, we can hear the music of Tavil and Nadaswaram at the mid night and it is witnessed by thousands of people. Our temple Sthala Virutcham, Madhuca longifolia/Mahua Tree is 900 years old which is located in front of the temple.


The Goddess is coming around (Arul Ula) through out the village for seven days.

  • Yazhi Ula

    On first day, the goddess will be mounted on the holy vehicle at an auspicious time.

  • Yazhi Ula

    The goddess will be taken out on decorated mount on second day.

  • Swan Ula

    Sooramahakaliamman is decorated with the bird "Swan".

  • Swan Ula

    The next day also, the goddess will come with same vehicle.

  • Kaamathenu Ula

    The next day , the goddess will be mounted on sacred cow.

  • Kaamathenu Ula

    Sooramahakaliamman is decorated with the sacred cow.

  • Rishaba Ula

    Finally, bull, which represents brave comes with Goddess.

  • Vennai Thazhi

    With a kudam of butter in HER left hand and a piece of butter

  • Kavadi Yeduthal

    The people tie a pole with ropes attached for carrying on shoulder gifts to a temple.

Car Lifting Festival (Thooku Ther)

The special occasion for all devotees.

“ “ Car Lifting festival involves devotees building a large cart with casuarina tree wood, decorated with flowers, flags. The most famous festival is held in this temple, when hundreds of devotees gather to lift the chariot and be blessed. Chariot festivals is called as "THOOKKU THER" vizha. Hundreds of men will lift the ther(Car). They come around one kilometer from the temple. Finally they reach the temple. The function is very popular in surrounding areas which is celebrated here only in all over TamilNadu. “ We are fortunate to be born in this village. “

Shri sooramahakaliamman Dunai